Friday, October 10, 2008

Please Do It!!

I live in a small town that is near the state line, so we have a lot of 18 wheelers that go through town. This morning I was pulling up to the red light and there was a shiny, red, low-rider truck in front of me and an 18 wheeler in front of him. The 18 wheeler was attempting a right hand turn. The red truck pulled right up behind him and I stayed back about 20-30 feet. You see there is a utility pole on the right and it is very hard for a large truck to turn there without having to back up. Low and behold the 18 wheeler starts backing up. I sit and wait for the red truck to back up. I wait and wait. The 18 wheeler is getting closer and closer to the red truck. Finally, just when I think he's going to get squished, he backs up. A little. Now remember I've left about 2-3 car lengths between him and me, so there's plenty of room. He just refuses to move.

I know it sounds mean, but I was almost anxiously awaiting the crunch. I didn't want anyone to get hurt, just some metal cracked. When the red truck finally turns I see inside a teenage boy driver. UGH! I was tempted to pull up beside him and offer him a stupid sign. Hee Hee.

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