Friday, October 17, 2008

Not a happy camper

So I take my youngest to the doctor to get his check up today. He had to get five shots. GOT THAT? FIVE! He was sort of behind because I have been slack in the check up department. I have four kids, sue me.

So I'm all like, that's a lot for a 19 month old. Couldn't we just spread them out and I'll come back every other month? Oh it's fine, she says. I would do all EIGHT, but really five is the most we give at one time. It's average, no big deal. WHAT?

Then she asks if he still takes a bottle. I'm all like "No he never took one." Her "So does he still breastfeed?" Me "At bedtime." I know, I know. Don't send me hate mail. I NEVER thought I would breastfeed a kid after the age of one. Truth be told, the others only made it to three months.

THEN she says, "I can't believe he's done (breastfeeding) so well since he's tongue-tied." Yes, it's a real condition. But it hasn't seemed to hurt him one bit.

THEN she says, "He's in the 50% of his age group. Is he drinking any whole milk?" NO!
"You really should be giving him whole milk to help him gain weight. I would feel better knowing he was getting all of those nutrients."

WTF! Isn't breastmilk suppose to be best for babies? So I'm suppose to stop with the breastfeeding and give him COW'S MILK? So I can what? FATTEN HIM UP!?!
Did I miss something? The boy eats anything you put in front of him. Fruits, veggies, meat, desserts, everything-AND I told her this. But I'm suppose to give him cow's milk to fatten him up and this from the woman who is about to inject five different chemicals into his little body and then play guess which one causes the allergic reaction if there is one.

I'm not an extremist but that shit just makes me want to up and join a commune!!

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