Friday, July 11, 2008

Just Confess

I watched this show called Speeders last night. It's all about the stupid things people say when the cop pulls them over for speeding. Most of them sit there dumbfounded.

This one lady was pulled over for not yielding to pedestrians and for not wearing your seat belt. They were in California. The lady's response to the seat belt was "Well I'm from Minnesota and we don't have to wear seat belts there. I think it should be my decision as to whether I wear the seat belt or not. It's my life." WHAT?

Her response to almost running someone over was "he(the pedestrian) waved me by."
Well DUH lady. He didn't want to get run over and you were obviously going to make the turn whether he was there or not. Hello?

Of course you know the pedestrian guy is laughing his ass off when she gets pulled over. Cuz you know you would be too.

I think there should be signs for your cars that say "Caution: stupid driver, proceed with defensive driving." Kind of a take off from Bill Enval.

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