Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fast Food Workers

have you been in a fast food place lately? Is it just me or are these people getting dumber? Or maybe they just don't care. When I go inside and order the first thing I tell the person is whether it's "for here" or "to go". And almost every freakin' time they get done taking my order and ask "Is that for here?" WHAT? I'm sorry, did you miss the beginning of the conversation? It's not like they ask "You said for here, right?" NOPE. They are legitimately asking a question I've already answered.

Secondly, I went through the drive thru a few weeks ago and get this. I didn't get someone elses order. I got half of my order with a receipt that was someone elses. The kicker is that the receipt didn't match ANYTHING in the bag. I mean not ONE freakin' thing. Hello! I mean come on, if you're going to mess up the order at least have the receipt match something in the bag.

Not sure if this is a stupid or just a pain in the a$$. But I had to vent.

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