Thursday, June 26, 2008


I'm watching this commercial where this lady bites a pair of golf clubs and bends them in half. Then she ribs the convertible top off a car with her teeth. Then tears a tire into shreds. All with her teeth. It's an orbitz gum commercial.
Here's the kicker. Half way through the commercial, in small print, it says Do Not Attempt.
WHAT? Do Not Attempt. Helloooo? Is this necessary? And if it is, do you think those stupid people are reading the tiny little letters at the bottom of the screen? NOOOOO. They're sitting there thinking "Hey cool. If I get some Orbitz gum then I'll have Superteeth. Hey dude, let's go get some, I wanna go rip the tires off Bob's car."
Again, I'm like WHAT?

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