Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I drove my kids to school this morning because I still have yet to figure out when the bus comes in the AM.

As I'm driving back, I see a bus stopped to pick up kids. (it's 3 blocks from the school) No joke. Then I almost had a wreck as I see the van in the driveway (where the kids was just picked up) back down the 100 foot driveway and park. I know it was sprinkling. Actually it was more of a mist. But to sit in the car waiting for the bus at the end of your own driveway? Not only that but you only live 3 blocks from school! Just drive the kid to school. You're already up and in the car. What is wrong with this picture?

I remember walking to the end of the neighborhood, whether it was raining or not, and standing in the heat, cold, rain, whatever until the bus showed. Sometimes we got lucky and someone's mom or dad would sit at the bus stop (if it was REALLY cold, or pouring buckets) and let us all pile in their car. But one of us had to stand outside at the stop or the bus would just keep going, they didn't even slow down.

So why oh why are you sleeping in your warm van instead of just taking your kids to school?

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