Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Obama signs note for girl's school

I hope by now every one has heard about the man who took his 17 yr old daughter to see the president speak. He joked that he hoped she didn't get in trouble and Obama asked if she needed a note. The President then proceeded to write one for her.

This is cute and all and pretty cool for the girl.

Here's my gripe: She very well could have gotten in trouble or at least had an unexcused absence because of the limitations put on students in the public school system!!! I'm sorry, I think that her experienc was much more important than a day in a stuffy classroom! Since when did allowing your kids experience once-in-a-lifetime opportunities become a hinderance to their education? Oh, wait, that's right, the school doesn't GET PAID if the student isn't there. I forgot, stupid me, the almighty dollar is MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than a child's memorable experiences.

Silly me. (Read extreme sarcasm here)

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wahwahgirl said...

That's where unschooling comes in to play.