Friday, January 4, 2008

Warning Labels

Have you ever looked at a warning label and thought "Why is that warning necessary?"
I'll tell you why, because someone actually tried it! Why else would manufacturers have to put such stupid warnings? They have to protect themselves from those around us that only use 1 % of their brain.
Examples: On the back of a tube of hemorrhoid cream- "Do not eat"
On a bottle of baby lotion "For external use only"
On an aerosol cleaning can "Do not store above 120 degrees"
Are these actual problems?
'Hey let's put this cream on a bagel and see how it tastes.'
'Sarah's got a sore throat, let's put some lotion in her throat and see if that helps.'
I don't have a quote for the last one but-where in YOUR HOUSE gets up to 120 degrees (besides the oven). If it's over 120 in your house then you don't need aerosol cleaners you need a freakin air conditioner!

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Tiffany said...

LOL that is all so true.