Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I live in the sticks

So football practice started last night and and at some point half the boys (5 &6 yr olds) all have to go pee. You know they don't, but at that age it seems to be a group thing.
So anyway I overhear a couple of moms talking and I kid you not this is what I hear "I don't know why they have to go all the way over to the other building. I just tell mine to go find a tree." "Yeah, it's like go on over there beside the building. Nobody's looking."

WHAT? Ok, I understand if it's an emergency and there is no place else to go, but come on ladies, there is a bathroom available teach the poor kid to use it.
Every team was out on the field practicing and she's like "use a tree". That's just nasty. (Maybe I'm a snob, don't know, but gross-too many people for that sort of thing.)

I should not have been surprised however because when we first moved in, our neighbor's son was potty training and she let him pee off the back porch. WE LIVE ON A MAIN ROAD. There's no privacy fence, the back porch is a concrete slab for all to see. The kicker? He does it because daddy does. What? I made sure to never look towards their house when I knew he was home. God only knows what I would have seen. Thankfully they moved. But I wonder how their "city" neighbors took to their back porch habits. LOL

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